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    Repeat after me: In Christ, I’ll conquer this day. In Christ, I’ll conquer this week. I am blessed, loved, and favored; my strength comes from Him. Jesus is my victory.

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  • i’ve spent way too much money on food. just because i don’t shop

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  • Sunset outside my window. Stop complaining what’s on your plate, start seeing what’s in His plan. #praise #nofilter #CANONKissX5 #sunset #연세대학교 (at 송도 연세대학교 국제캠퍼스)

  • 끝까지 믿었다. 연세, 사랑한다. 사랑한다, 연세. #연세대학교 #연고전 #야구 #농구 #종합운동장 #잠실 #아카라카 (at 잠실 종합운동장)

  • #throwback My grandpa and I on his 80th birthday.
    Idky I’m not particularly close with him but I’ve always seen him as a very cool, healthy man in the family. He would drive around with his 4WD and breakfast with his grandchildren every morning in even his early 80s and I would always be the eldest amongst my cousins because I feel like I need to make up for the time when I wasn’t there whenever I visit. I didn’t realised this before but I actually did spend enough time with him for me to remember him for the rest of my life. I have always love you. 1931.08.27-2014.10.05 #RIP #83y/o #familylove #Tawau #nofilter